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Data Guard Pro

Safeguarding Data - Ensuring Future

Data Loss Prevention

Introducing DataGuard Pro: Protecting What Matters Most

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of your business, but it's constantly under siege. Data loss, whether due to accidental leaks or malicious intent, poses a relentless threat. It's a peril that can originate from within the organization, as the insider threat, or from the outside, in the form of targeted cyberattacks. When data is lost, the repercussions are severe – a tarnished reputation, potential fines, and a lasting impact on your business.

DataGuard Pro, our time-tested solution, is here to safeguard what matters most: your organization's sensitive data. With Data Loss Prevention at its core, DataGuard Pro offers the most comprehensive coverage and control available. Whether it's your Windows, macOS, or Linux endpoints, across various browsers and applications, we've got you covered.

Key Features of DataGuard Pro:

  • Protection of Intellectual Property and Regulated Information: We shield your intellectual property and ensure that your regulated information stays secure.

  • Granular Control of Data Movement: With us, you have precision control over every aspect of your data's journey, making sure it's never out of your sight.

  • Integration with Digital Rights Management: We seamlessly integrate with digital rights management solutions to provide you with full-circle data protection.

DataGuard Pro isn't just a product; it's your ally in the relentless battle to protect your data. Trust us to ensure that your sensitive information remains safe, your reputation untarnished, and your business's future secure. Choose DataGuard Pro – where safeguarding your data is our top priority.

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